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Bulk upload of Icon and Inset images

If you didn’t already know, the Yahoo built-in function “Multiple Image Upload” (located at the “Control” page) does not allow you to upload Icon and Inset images.

Usually you have to go through all the pages manually and upload the icon or inset one by one, which takes up a lot of useful time.

How this process could be automated:

You can use a combination of two procedures: “Database Upload” and “Multiple Image Upload.”

1) Create an Excel .CSV spreadsheet file with two columns: ID and Icon

In each row enter the corresponding values that apply to the two columns: the page ID (where the Icon or inset should be uploaded to) and the image name (without the file extension). List as many page ID’s as you need.

Save this file in .CSV format and upload it to your store using the “Database Upload” feature. Make sure that you click the ADD button when uploading. Never click the REBUILD button, because it will wipe out your entire store content.

2) Create a ZIP archive with all the images you had listed in your .CSV file. Upload this file through Yahoo’s “Multiple Image Upload” feature.

From now on, all the pages listed in your spreadsheet will display the Icon image that you defined and uploaded.

3) Repeat these two steps for your Inset images. Instead of having an Icon column in your .CSV file, name it Inset and type in the inset image names for each corresponding page row.

You could combine the .CSV document to have the Icon and Inset columns in one file.

Pay attention: if the column Icon or Inset will have an empty cell, but the corresponded page already has these images uploaded, then the icon or inset will be erased from the page during the DB upload.

If you are interested in having more than one inset at store pages and want to have customized Inset names, visit our “Add-ons” page:

For more information regarding uploading .CSV data, please visit the Yahoo help page:

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